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6 Pack PLT-26W 827 4 Pin GX24q-3 26 Watt Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb - B01MSN2WLA

  • BULB SPECIFICATIONS: These compact fluorescent lights, model number, PLT- 26W 827, come in a 6 pack. Each bulb uses 26 watts for 1800 Lumens of light. The bulbs are U shaped on a hexagon base, with a Soft White color, 2700K.

  • QUICK INSTALL INSTANT LIGHT: These U tube bulbs have 4 pins at each end. Remove the old bulb, by holding the plastic base and pulling gently. Do not pull the actual glass. Then, pop these into the socket and twist into place for instant light.

  • LONG LIFE AND ENERGY SAVING: Each bulb gives you an average of 12,000 hours of light. This uses less electricity than incandescent bulbs so you can be energy efficient and still enjoy the bright.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS: These lights with a 6 sided base are used in high bay light fixtures, Fire Stations, and mechanical shops. They have a unique hexagon base so make sure they fit with your fixture socket.

  • PACKAGING GUARANTEE: We use secure packaging materials so you get the bulbs you ordered, not broken glass. Still nervous? We offer a 100% refund for any damages. We know our bulbs are transit-safe and delivered headache free.

  • The bulb burnt out again.
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    Wondering if you're looking at the right bulb?
    Model number: PLT-26W 827
    26 rated wattage


    • G: multi pin connecting base

    • X: it's a triple-tube bulb

    • 24 Spacing between the pins is 24mm

    • Q: This base is a quad pin with 4 pins

    • WW: Warm white color

    • 2700K Kelvin Temperature - the color of the light

    • 1800 Lumens - brightness of the light

    Tip: You need to match the shape/size, wattage and voltage of a bulb. Color can always be chosen by what you like.

    More details:

    • Manufacturer: Circle Lighting

    • Pack of 6 bulbs

    • CFL: uses less electricity than incandescent bulbs

    • Average Rated Life per bulb 12,000

    • Max overall length: 6". (W) 1.88 (H) 5.15 (L) 1.88

    • 120-volt fixtures

    • Plug-In Light Bulbs

    • Replacements for: Sylvania CF26DT/E/IN/827. GE F26TBX/SPX27/A/4P. Philips 268227 PL-T 26W/27/4P/ALTO and more.

    Where is this tubular bulb usually found?

    • Typical in the kitchen to brighten up a large area

    • Used in Fire stations and places with high ceilings

    • Used in mechanical shops for a powerful light in an open area

      Buy Circle Lighting Bulbs and get an easier and brighter life.