Electron Beam Welding

Advantages of the process:

           - Low mechanical shrinkage
           - No angular withdrawal
           - High welding speed
           - Vacuum welding without oxidation
           - Bath mixing with great homogeneity


           - Typically from 1 to 80mm

Main solderable materials:

     Seamless welding
           - Alloy steels, stainless steels, refractory steels, Zircaloy
           - Titanium, tantalum, niobium, zirconium
           - Copper, monel, aluminum

     Heterogeneous welding
           - Copper / stainless steel, Molybdenum / stainless steel,

             nickel / stainless steel, Niobium / stainless steel
           - Aluminum / Copper

Weld creation

The beam is focused on the workpiece. The electrons penetrate in a few microns

Their kinetic energy is transformed into a thermal energy which ensures the fusion of the metal with the creation of a metal vapor plasma. The molten metal is driven to the edges, allowing the electrons to continue the melting process.

The penetration stop in the room, occurs when the energy of the beam is completely absorbed by the plasma. Phenomenon known as: Key Hole ("Keyhole")

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Particularity of the welding

The beam is focused on the workpiece. The electrons penetrate in a few microns

The concentration of energy is such that it acts in penetration faster than the conduction of heat through the metal:

  • Very narrow welding with parallel edges

  • Shape "nail head"

  • ZAT (Zone Affected Thermally) and MF (Melted Zone) very restricted,

  • Very weak deformation

  • High penetration

  • No atmospheric pollution (nitriding, oxidation ...)

Conception des joints :

Preparatory conditions of the parts

  • MACHINING HAS A CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE on the final result. the spacing of the joint plane must be <= 0,1mm

  • Magnetism must be less than or equal to 3 Gauss

  • On and in the joint plane the parts must be cleaned, (absence of any traces of grease, oxidation, calamine, paint, etc ...)

Metal weldability