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EMOOR Japanese Floor Futon Set Comforter Mattress Pillow Covers White CLASSE-Cover-Set Full Size Made in Japan Foldable Sleeping Bed Tatami Mat Pad Cotton - B09HZT6ZGV

  • [FLOOR SLEEPING LIFE WITH JAPANESE FUTON] Japanese Futon setups do not need a bed platform. Fold in three and put aside in the closet or corner, and use your room spacious during the day. Perfect for minimalists, guest-use or frequent movers to save money and space. EMOOR's CLASSE-COVER-SET comes with a mattress (Shikibuton), a comforter (Kakebuton), two pillows (Makura) and covers. All made in Japan by skilled Futon craftsmen with carefully selected materials.

  • [3-LAYERED STRUCTURE MATTRESS] Firm pad in the middle is sandwiched with separately-quilted soft fiberfill pads on top and bottom. This SOFT-FIRM-SOFT layered structure is a core identity of EMOOR's long-selling CLASSE series. Looks fluff but gives firm support. Good for your back.

  • [3-SEASON COMFORTER] A well-filled fluff comforter can be used for 3 seasons (fall-winter-spring). In summer we recommend "towelket"s instead of comforters. Add a blanket in a cold region or mid-winter. [100% COTTON COVERS INCLUDED] Futons are not washable. Use included washable covers to keep them clean for longer life. For extra covers check ASIN B08HGHYKFS.

  • [PRODUCT INFORMATION] Japanese Full Size. Mattress: 55x79in (140x200cm) 3-layered structure, Comforter: 75x83in (190x210cm) 6 loops to attach cover, Pillow (2-Piece): 17x25in (43x63cm) dent in the middle, Outer fabric: 100% cotton, Inner filling: 100% polyester, Mattress cover: 57x85in (145x215cm) elastic edge, Comforter cover: 75x83in (190x210cm) zipper closure, 6 strings, Pillowcase (2-Piece): 17x25in (43x63cm) zipper closure. Country of origin: Japan

  • [HOW TO CARE] Futon mattress/comforter/pillow: Non-washable. Dry Futons under the sun on sunny days or in a well-ventilated room regularly to keep your bed dry and clean. Covers: Machine washable with washing net. =Check EMOOR Store for more covers, towelkets, Tatami mats and beds!=