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GQSJYM Storage Cabinet Wardrobe Clothes Organizer for Medium and Long Clothes Bedroom Armoires with Accessories Placed in The Compartment Color : B Size : 150X45X172cm - B09N6XX246

  • Push-pull design: Under the same storage capacity, it takes up less space than the open-close type

  • Stainless steel frame: 25MM stainless steel pipe, the diameter of the steel pipe is equivalent to the diameter of a dollar coin, try to use the whole stainless steel pipe to ensure the strength, stable support and not shake, and the wardrobe is full without worry

  • Surrounding cloth hemming design: each layer is equipped with interlayer cloth, and the hemming is meticulous, which effectively prevents the clothes from slipping off

  • Fully-sealed design: Fully-enclosed design to protect the clothes, the bottom feet are increased 15cm to keep away from the ground wet, and the top-level storage design increases storage space

  • Product details:
    The storage function is further increased: 20mm thick galvanized steel pipe grid support, pp material interlayer cushion, top storage, and overall load-bearing of the wardrobe
    The fabric is washed multiple times: thick polyester-cotton fabric is used, which is resistant to tearing and abrasion, and cannot be torn by hand
    Rugged and durable accessories: brand new ABS plastic interface, using pure resin engineering plastics, reinforced rib design, stronger, no pollution, wear-resistant, strong, easy to install, not easy to age
    Reasonable layout: reasonable design of space layout, large size, can accommodate more clothes, PP plastic board to store small objects, stiffener hooks to hang clothes, heightened bottom to store shoes effectively can also improve space utilization
    360 all-round protection: high-quality zipper, smooth and durable, curtain design, smooth sliding and convenient opening and closing, and easier clothing collection

    Containers Organizer (Wardrobe/Armoire/Closet)
    Metal material: steel
    Fabric: Polyester cotton cloth
    Furniture structure: full steel frame structure
    Additional features: foldable
    Whether to assemble: Need to assemble by yourself
    Installation instructions details: Provide installation instructions, simple installation tools, and installation instructions videos (friends in need need to ask your questions in the Q&A module, and we will upload the video for you)

    Package list:
    1pcs Room Cabinets
    1pcs User Manual