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Ottomanson Convertible Furniture with Storage Legacy X Collection Wood Trimmed Sectional Black-PU - B09V1QNP6J

  • FASHIONABLY CONVENIENT: With one swift motion, transform this Wood Trimmed Sofabed into a sleeper that measures in at 74” x 47.2” or utilize the included storage compartments for your very own storage needs. ASSEMBLY made easy in 30 minutes or less! DISCLAIMER: ITEMS IN IMAGES SOLD SERPARATELY

  • SUITABLE FOR SMALLER SPACES: The perfect size for functionality in a studio apartment, dorm room, and even in the living room of a home! Enjoy the practicality of a full sized Wood Trimmed Sofabed without dealing with any additional unnecessary bulk. Utilize our click-click technology in order to turn this Wood Trimmed Sofabed into a bed with one swift move, thus changing your living room into a guest room. *REFER TO THE IMAGES FOR DETAILED & ACCURATE Wood Trimmed Sofabed MEASUREMENTS*

  • QUALITY CRAFTED: Quality crafted in Turkey with only the finest materials. This Wood Trimmed Sofabed is manufactured with quality Polyester for the seating area. Accompanied by four sturdy legs that help the Wood Trimmed Sofabed hold a WEIGHT CAPACITY OF 900 LBS.

  • COMFORT & DESIGN: Our upholstered Wood Trimmed Sofabed consists of thick, firm seat cushions for optimal comfort and style. Enjoy sitting high in comfort on our quality firm Polyester seating cushions. Develop your desired aesthetic environment with the included matching pillows for your Wood Trimmed Sofabed.

  • CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean impacted areas before any extensive cleaning is applied. Use a dry cloth with a mild amount of soap and water for any further extensive cleaning options. Please avoid any harsh chemicals in order to prevent any unnecessary discoloring. *ITEMS PICTURED ARE SOLD SEPARATELY*

  • Rest with the best in the comfort of your family and friends. We welcome you to try out our new Legacy X furniture collection in order to achieve the most optimal quality possible. Fashion and function coalesce for optimal versatility, making this furniture suitable for any space and existing decor. The classy clean-lined upholstery is available in a rich color palette for every type of aesthetic. These elegant furniture pieces feature hidden storage compartments for your extra messy items, blankets, or even cluttered toys from your kids & pets. This functional set will instantly turn any room into a guest room. Unfolding these furniture items into sleeping position has been made easy, simply lift the seat part and click-clack the backrest allowing for a flat position, which will also come in handy if you just feel too tired or lazy to go to bed after watching some TV. For ease of assembly, please refer to the assembly documents provided.