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Philips 419747 EcoVantage PAR30 Long Neck 39 Watt 50 Watt Equivalent 25 Degree Halogen Flood Light Bulb 2 Pack - B011CXUJ04

  • Philips EcoVantage 39-Watt PAR30L flood light light bulb replaces a 45-Watt incandescent

  • Saves up to 28% in energy costs

  • Ideal for use in indoor recessed cans and track lights, as well as outdoor flood light fixtures

  • Provides a bright, white light and its clear finish adds a spectacular sparkle to home décor

  • Dims just like and incandescent bulb and provides full brightness instantly

  • Philips EcoVantage 39-Watt PAR30L flood light light bulb is ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, dining rooms, offices, kitchens. Philips EcoVantage bulbs are a bright, energy saving alternative to standard incandescent light bulbs. It provides a bright, white wide beam of light which is ideal for general room, accenting art and architecture, as well as enhancing your outdoor landscaping. They reduce energy consumption without sacrificing the qualities of a traditional bulb and produce high quality light more efficiently. Fully dimmable, this energy saving household light bulb contains no mercury and replaces your current 45-Watt incandescent, saving you up to 28% in energy costs. Use them in your existing fixtures just as you would standard incandescent and your home will look great while you save energy.