Thermo ioniques Sources

Electron beam sources from a Lab6 cathode by indirect heating.
Technical characteristics :
Power from 3KWatts to 100KWatts
60KV acceleration voltage
Very fast (10 meters / seconds) and very precise (+/- 10 μm) deflection column
Automatic detection of backscattered electron imaging gasket planes
Real-time weld quality analysis (cord dimensions, gutters, etc.)



 Principle of indirectly heated electron source:


The cathode is bombarded by electrons emitted by a filament. These electrons are accelerated under a few hundred volts. The cathode is surrounded by its polarizable wehnelt. The polarization of the wehnelt makes it possible to fix a welding current. The whole is brought to a high negative voltage so the anode connected to the ground can accelerate the electrons.

The advantages of an indirectly heated gun are:

1) The life of consumables (cathodes and filament)

2) The optical quality of the beam obtained

3) The ease of adjustment of focusing optics and deflection





This type of canon consists of:

    a gun with                                    a radiation head                          a Lab6 cathode                      and a filament



















After the source a magnetic optics allowing :


to focus the beam                         and deflect the beam                                Example of a focused beam









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